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Show Traffic - monitors network traffic on the chosen network interface
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Do you know what is happening on your network? Who is using your bandwidth? Which connection is genuine on our network and which is not? What is the detail of each connection on your network? And where we can find all this information? If you want to know all this information then you must try Show Traffic network monitoring utility from Demosten. Show Traffic utility is capable to monitor your any or all networks whether it is your private LAN network or it is your Internet. It will monitor your selected network in real time and provide detailed information about each connection established to your computer. From its real time monitoring result you may know the source domain name or IP address, source port number, destination domain name or IP address, destination port number, prototype like UDP, ICMP or TCP, traffic, current speed of the connection and the average speed of the connection. Here you can also set the filters to watch your connections like UDP, TCP and ICMP etc. So you can use this tool as a information tool, as a security tool or as a administrator tool. By using this tool you can also compare the opening speed of different websites or web pages of the same site. You can also find out the loading speed of your own site.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • Capable to monitor all type of networks
  • Provides detailed information about each connection
  • Option to filter the report


  • Does not provide facility to log all connections
  • Does not provide facility to export report in excel
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